Private wood products agency

Arborealis Oy is a private wood products agency with over 20 years’ experience of promoting sawn timber exports.

We represent several private Finnish sawmills whose total annual output is in excess of 600 000 m3 of which about 60% is redwood and 40% whitewood.

Arborealis Oy, with its suppliers, can offer a comprehensive product range both in Scandinavian redwood (pine, Pinus sylvestris) and whitewood (spruce, Picea abies).

We can also offer Thermowood both rough sawn and machined. In addition to normal Scandinavian standard specifications we can offer customer specific solutions by dimensions, lengths and grading; in other words optimized sizes and fixed lengths to fit the production and quality requirements of our customers. Our purpose is to develop long-lasting customer relationships and to help our customers to find the most optimal raw material solutions for their productions.

Services example

We supply both industrial and commercial customers in the following sectors:

  • Furniture and furniture components
  • Thermowood
  • Construction components and joinery
  • Machining
  • House construction and civil engineering
  • Packaging industries

Contact us

Arborealis Oy is at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further. Looking forward to hearing from you.